Written by John Goolgasian
on January 12, 2017

Victor Hugo’s famous quote “nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” may have held true in 1800s France, but finding the people who can help you refine your idea and make it into that undeniable force in today’s world requires a very different approach than Hugo took a century and a half ago and our technology predecessors took just a generation ago. It’s not just the idea; there are thousands of great ideas being hypothesized about how technology and the application of data will change how the world or even a small segmented focus group will operate differently, more efficiently, and more effectively. At OGSystems, we believe we have a powerful idea in the Blue Glass location-based intelligence platform that will change how you understand your world. But we are not resting on our own ideas and expertise. Just four months into the development of the platform, we have engaged with lighthouse customers from the beginning to refine that powerful idea and create the most robust and easiest to use location-based intelligence platform ever built.

When we began developing our business plan for an analytics-as-a-service platform in July 2016, we had a few assumptions, a few knowns, and a lot of unknowns. What partners did we need to get the platform up and running? What data would be needed? What types of analytics are needed? And most importantly, what do potential customers really need to advance their missions?

We did know for sure that we were not going to develop a system in a vacuum. We applied the best engineering, software development and business development practices from both government and commercial industry following OGSystems unique Immersive Engineering approach. To ensure the idea we have is powerful and has come at the right time, we are applying Eric Ries’ Lean Startup principles — especially engaging early adopters (or as we refer to them – Lighthouse Customers) at the start in order to validate our thinking and to build, measure, and learn through a repeatable process of observing interactions with the platform, recording everything from workflow to facial reactions, and changing the platform to meet early adopter needs.

At the start of the development of the platform, we relied on the greatest asset that OGSystems possesses – its people. We have an expert workforce of engineers, software developers, and analysts on our team. These women and men dedicated the 41st hour of their workweek to helping the Blue Glass team learn what customers needed. We then brought in a number of experts external to OGSystems to help shape the initial platform. Now that we have a functional minimal viable product with an amazing group of early partners, we have brought on four early Lighthouse Customers representing both commercial industry and government who are providing valuable feedback to our analysts and developers. This feedback is being incorporated into the development of the system, the types of data we are brokering, and the analytics we are automating. We have already added many changes to the look and feel of the platform and will be adding a major collaboration capability based on Lighthouse Customer feedback.

The Blue Glass team continues to look for Lighthouse Customers to help shape the platform. If you are interested in gaining early access to Blue Glass data and analytics, providing feedback to OGSystems developers, or helping to develop an idea whose time has come, please sign up on the Blue Glass Lighthouse Customer page.

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