Written by Christin Young
on September 10, 2018

For the 7th year in a row, OGSystems has been named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. To celebrate this achievement, we highlighted 7 employees who have been with OGSystems for 7 years. 

Meet Laurie

Laurie wears a few different hats at OGSystems; one is serving as Managing Partner and the other is Program Manager for multiple company Prime contracts and subcontracts for our DoD and IC customers.



Describe your path to OGSystems. 

A friend of mine refered me to OGSystems because he knew Garrett (CEO and co-founder of OGS). I was attracted to OGSystems back in 2010 because it was a small business, it had two leaders who were different and clearly hungry to do defense contracting differently and better, and I felt there was an opportunity to grow and be appreciated, which was something that was very much lacking in the company I was with at that time.  

Why have you stayed with OGS for 7+ years? 

I have stayed with OGSystems because I have grown as a person and there is opportunity to grow more and help others grow more. The culture of Owning the Outcome is infectious, and I love it.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve seen in OGSystems’ evolution as a company? 

One word: TRANSPARENCY! Simply put, transparency allows all members of OGSystems to make a difference, to Own the Outcome.  I feel the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary's definition of transparency explains why I find OGSystems' transparency exciting (and refreshing) because the company is:

a free from pretense or deceit

b easily detected or seen through

c readily understood

d characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices

What hasn’t changed about OGS in the last 7 years?

The ability to reach out and communicate with leadership; to be heard and know your comments, insight and feedback are valued. OGSystems has been able to continue access and intimacy with all its people even though it has grown substantially. It challenges its people, and it remains a company where everyone pitches in and we leave our egos at home.



Each individual plays an important role in OGSystems continued growth. What to join our team of defense innovators?  Click below to read all 7 features and tell us a little about yourself. 

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