Written by Christin Young
on February 01, 2017

Team OGS has only been onsite in Little Creek, VA for a few months, but they are already delivering innovation to the Navy’s training curriculum.

With its training delivery methods rooted in specific routine, the Navy CENSECFOR is looking to appeal to millennials and generation Z’s expectations for modern technology, seamless user experience, and high-velocity learning. Team OGS saw this as a perfect Immersive Engineering (IE) case study.

“It’s innovating in a way that’s going to resonate with the next generation, but also better deliver on what they currently need,” said Lauren Green, OGS Visioneer. “It’s our opportunity to bring in Lean Startup, various design thinking tools, Agile, and change management strategies.”

The team is employing IE at every point; using the Discovery phase to isolate problems, Exploring the challenge through various facilitations, and Modeling processes and tools to build Understanding and deeper learning. Currently, the team is developing MVPs to modernize the way student feedback is solicited — it’s currently done via pencil and paper — finding ways to integrate new technology into their IT infrastructure, and shooting GoPro footage during live action training for easily digestible videos.

Green noted that an MVP is not always a product; it can be as simple as a change in behavior or a new way of doing things. This was exemplified when the Command’s Directorate Leads began hosting their own weekly stand-up, outside of the Commanding Officer’s normal operating rhythm, leveraging some of the facilitation techniques and principles observed from our own OGS-led discussions. It presented an opportunity for more open discussion and collaboration, as well as helped them understand other’s challenges and what opportunities there were to connect. Team OGS then introduced them to Kanban boards to serve as a silent facilitator and help them establish high/low priority items.

“We want to develop a sustained culture of innovation,” Green said. “It’s providing ways to change behavior, and if those things continue, you hope that at the end of the day you end up with a different culture or at least a different experience for people that’s more positive.”

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