Written by Christin Young
on January 04, 2018

In early summer of 2017, OGS Associate Partner Hector Cuevas visited his old stomping grounds at Fort Bragg to meet with former US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) teammates to understand their requirements and shape an opportunity to integrate PeARL Flash into the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. That brief engagement led to nearly 40 people from partner companies and government agencies convening at the Benson Hotel in Portland on December 7 for a “PDXperience” — a day-long capability showcase and live demonstration of OGSystems’ PeARL sensor collection and PeARL Flash processing software.

“As we were discussing our capabilities, they [SOCOM teammates] began to talk about efforts with other companies that they were looking at, as well as some of their issues and asked if I knew of anyone that I could connect them with to fill those gaps,” Cuevas said. “That drove my thought process to reach out to the vendors that I’m privy to, ones that I really believe can meet some of their requirements and help bring them to bear.”

Cuevas identified Planet, Harris Corporation, Vricon, Pixia Corp, Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and CSG Solutions as potential participants and invited representatives from each company to present an overview of their capabilities to SOF, NGA and Army attendees.

Each company brought a unique GEOINT capability, and OGS used this opportunity to showcase the value of removing the “silo effect” of data sources; opting to show the power of fusing data together to add fidelity to GEOINT products — a concept Cuevas feels other companies don’t exploit.

The day culminated with Team OGS using Planet imagery, Vricon point clouds, Harris wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) data, and OGS point and shoot camera images to reconstruct a live model fusing all these data sources together using PeARL Flash software.

“They’ve [SOCOM] had companies come in and take a swing at what we showed them, but the difference is the fusion,” Cuevas said. “Other companies can show them individual capabilities, but they’ve never seen the fusion. That’s not to say that other companies couldn’t do it, they just don’t think it’s that important.”

Cuevas noted that this is a true testament to OGSystems and the value of having so many subject matter experts; people who have been in the field and understand customer needs not only from a technology perspective, but operationally. OGS has the ability to look at the big picture, identify areas for improvement, and build something to address customer problems.

Within a week after the event in Portland, Cuevas received an invitation from the lead of GEOINT activities for one of the SOCOM units at Fort Bragg to come back for a more in-depth discussion of PeARL Flash capabilities as they relate to classified data.

Cuevas intends to put on another PDXperience leading up to the GEOINT Symposium in Tampa, FL in April 2018. The OGS’ demo and focus on 3D fusion will remain the same, but the event will be geared to national intel in addition to Special Operation Forces (SOF); for example, NGA, NRO, or CIA. Additionally, partner companies most applicable to those agencies will be invited to participate.

“I like the idea of extending that PDXperience into GEOINT and having a focused event at our booth,” Cuevas said. “If we knock this next one out and there’s even greater interest, doing this quarterly isn’t a stretch.”

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