Written by Christin Young
on May 13, 2019

Most humans are visual learners — approximately 65 percent to be exact. Our species is hard-wired to look for patterns across a landscape, and then compartmentalize and absorb that information in visual ways. Where do I see food? Where do I see predators? How far away is my shelter? Makes sense, right? In an increasingly complex world, OGSystems, a Parsons Company, taps into this human capacity for visual processing to enrich the customer experience and encourage creative problem solving. One visually-based tool we use is Graphic Recording.

If you’ve ever attended an event at OGSystems, you’ve probably noticed our Visioneers drawing at the wall. This is Graphic Recording. Graphic Recording is the practice of synthesizing real-time content (e.g., presentations, conversations) into hand-drawn text and images, usually in a largescale format. Graphic Recording provides value in a few ways.

  • It boosts participant information retention through the creation of a visually anchored experiential memory of the discussion increasing information stickiness.
  • It generates a visually based record of the topics that were actually discussed.
  • It lifts the creative spirit in the room, paving the way for new and different questions and ideas.
  • Visual language is particularly helpful when customers want to generate clarity around ambiguous challenges.
  • It is a visually engaging reference for use afterwards. The Visioneers digitize their wall-sized art to be re-used in websites, infographics, and presentations. Some customers hang the graphic recordings in their team rooms, like wallpaper, as a persistent reminder of the energy that day.

Graphic Recording is one tool in the OGSystems’ toolset for creative problem solving – the Immersive Engineering methodology. Our skilled graphic recorders observe, listen, and synthesize stakeholder contributions into visuals that reveal connections and reduce ambiguity. Moreover, Graphic Recording is a representation of OGSystems’ culture. We apply effective leading practices, like visual thinking, to hard challenges to generate new thinking and advance creative problem solving. It’s another way that we own the outcome.

If you’re interested in learning more about Graphic Recording, you can see it in action in booth #665 at the 2019 GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio, TX June 2-5.

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